​​Free Play Theatre Cooperative

Kennedy's Children

Fall 2013

Directed by Ben Lewin 

Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker

Director: Kaelan Lynch. Assistant Director: Shaquan McDowell. Stage Manager: Leah Nadelman. Producer: Amanda Ehrmann. Cast: Morgan Winters, Otis Fuqua, Abram Foster, Jessica Spierer, Amanda Ehrmann

When Rebellion Becomes Revolution

Spring 2013

​Directed by Amanda Stern and Julian Seltzer

"A satirical send-up of the George W. Bush administration’s politics, lust for war and … lust for each other. A gender-blind and racially-blind cast presents the true words and speeches of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and others side-by-side with imagined “back door” conservations."

Directed by Amanda Jane Stern/ Produced by Julian Seltzer/Stage Manager David Haft/ Starring: Andrew Agress, Aja Antoine, Maya Cooper, Sara Fried, Miriam Goldman, Sid Mehra , Sarah Steiker, Bezaye Takele
" 'Columbinus' by Stephen Karam & PJ Paparelli cues in on Littleton, Colorado, in 1999 where two teenagers, Dylan and Eric, shocked their community and the whole country by walking into their high school and killing 12 students and 1 teacher, before committing suicide. Columbinus combines interviews, testimonies, diary excerpts, photos and phone calls to expose the story and the elements behind it, without giving any straight answers, Columbinus manages to question society, honor the victims, and ask 'why?'"

Directed by Amanda Ehrmann/ Produced by Ryan Millis/ Stage Manager Leah Nadelman/ Assistant Stage Manager Francesca DiLapi/ Staring: Jacob Klein, Dash Marley, Brian Dorfman, Ryan Millis, Shaquan McDowell, Sarah Skrovan, Emma Nissenbaum, Shira Harary


​Fall 2008


Spring 2007

​Directed by Jennifer El-Far

Bash: Latter Day Plays

Spring 2012

​Directed by Amanda Stern

A Savage in Limbo

Fall 2007

Directed by Aaron Arbiter


Spring 2008

Note from Artistic Director, Amanda Ehrmann: I am in the process of looking through the archives of The Hoot and The Justice as well as talking to past Free Play artistic directors to fill in the gaps in our production history!

"Concerning issues of love, sexuality, betrayal, and revenge, "The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?" and "Fiction" confront the complexities of human relationships as a family (Goat) and two friends (Fiction) attempt to deal with trauma."

Directed by Ayelet Schrek/ Produced by Brian Dorfman/ Stage Manager Jessica Star/ Technical Director and Assistant Stage Manager: Julie Landy/ Assistant Stage Manager: Kiana Khozein/ Starring: Ariel Hopes, Yuval Yossefy, Connor Wahrman, Zephry Wright, Miriam Goldman, Sarah Duffett

The Love of the Nightingale

Fall 2007

Directed by Rebecca Webber

Zoo Story

Fall 2008

​Directed by Ryan McElhaney

A Behanding in Spokane

Spring 2013

Directed by Phil Skokos

The Black Eyed

Fall 2006

Directed by Jennifer El-Far

Greed (An Original Rap Musical)

Spring 2007

Written and Directed by William Chalmus

Fall 2016 Season:

Our Past and Present Productions

Next to Normal

​Spring 2012

​Directed by Dave Benger


Fall 2011

Directed by Jessie Fields

The Siegel

​Fall 2007

Stuff Happens

​Fall 2013

Hedda Gabler

​Spring 2012

​Directed by Christopher Knight

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Spring 2012

Directed by Lily Nagy-Deak


Spring 2015

Summer Evenings in Des Moines

Fall 2006

​Directed by Katie Nadworny

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?

Spring 2014

A Year of Playback! 

Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Productions: October 23rd and 24th, and December 12th 2015. April 9th and 15th 2016. 

The Last Five Years

Fall 2006

​Directed by Justin Becker

Into the Woods 

Fall 2012

Directed by Jessie Fields

Spring Awakening (Play)

​Spring 2011

Julius Caesar 

Spring 2007

Directed by Sam Zelitch

No Exit

​Fall 2010