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​​A The Hoot Review of When Rebellion Becomes Revolution (Spring 2013), featuring actors Jessica Plante (16') and Barbara Rugg (15').

Featured Press Articles

When Rebellion Becomes Revolution (Spring 2013) with actors Gabe Guerra and Jen Largaespada.

Former Free Play Production Manager Andrew Agress (17') in Stuff Happens (2013). 

Into the Woods (Fall 2012) took place in the woods on Brandeis campus. 

Proof (Spring 2011) production poster.

The Playback Troupe's winter showcase promo (Fall 2015). 


Please Note: The past concerns about Free Play taking money has not been a problem. In the past three semesters our club has spent $300 from Brandies A Board. We believe it is important our budget information be open and available. Since 2007 Free Play has maintained  professional relationships with all other theatre groups on campus.

Columbinus ​(Spring 2015) was set in a classroom, since Eric and Dylan's actions were heavily influenced by their school setting.

Into the Woods ​(Fall 2012) production poster.

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