​​Free Play Theatre Cooperative

Brian Paternostro was one of the co-creators of Free Play Theatre Cooperative. He lost his battle to cancer on September 12, 2012. We are deeply grateful to Brian for all his hard work and hope the works of Free Play continue to honor his vision. 

Remembering Brian  Paternostro '08


Have a wonderful, theatre-filled summer!

Note from Artistic Director, Amanda Ehrmann: Hello everyone! Welcome to our new Free Play website! Free Play Theatre Cooperative has been around for ten years at Brandeis University. Due to some finance and organizational issues, we are in the process of strengthening our company and community. Please feel free to look around the website, learn about our history, or shoot us a message. We are also raising money for our Fall 2016 season and would love your support! GoFundMe link coming soon.

It's the end of the year and time we bid adieu to Brian Dorfman '16. You first worked with Free Play in 2013 on When Rebellion Becomes Revolution.Then you produced The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? (Spring 2014). Then you joined us for Columbinus (Spring 2015) where you were the best Prep anyone could ask for. You also stepped in a month before the production when a cast member left due to a family emergency. We are so thankful that you stayed with us the next two semesters as an actor in Playback! Despite preparing for graduation and directing your Senior thesis, you always made time for us. You are extremely talented and versatile. We will miss you and have no doubt you will be successful!

“Brian had strong ideas about theater, and he was very vocal in the theater department and interested in directing. What I loved was that he had a political dynamic about him, but he was also gentle and quiet. I like that character because I understand that sort of person.”-Susan Dibble (Theatre Professor and BTC director)